Aligning Long Term Goals with Immediate Execution.
Today's emergent markets are rife with asymmetric conflicts ranging from failed regional governments to military corruption to expansive criminal enterprise. Astride these threats are unprecedented opportunities to build new productive markets that will flourish in an environment of stability and industry. As corporations partner with or re-boot government franchises to correct their markets, they are faced with many challenges beyond ethical business practices.

Graft, kidnappings and even direct action against Company property and personnel are becoming more and more common in these settings. Cold Harbor provides both emergency response services as well ongoing ground coverage in every major conflict zone throughout the region. With both western and indigenous teams on the ground, the Company maintains a network of discreet venues, aircraft and holding facilities available for emergency use within 4 hours of client activation.

In extreme cases, the Company has the means to secure a green zone, complete with helo over flight and fully staffed Tactical Operations Centers, anywhere in South or Central Asia within 7 days of client activation. Operations of this sophistication are executed with as minimal risk to collateral and infrastructure casualty as is possible depending on the requirements of the overall contract.

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